An Ideal Vacation Rental Switch

Vision of a Complete Concept for a Vacation Rental Switch

My ideas are not all original, and are probably not all good ideas.  My goal is to inspire a deep-dive public discussion about what the important elements and goals of a switch should be.

The Road to an Ideal Vacation Rental Switch: Part Three

Pricing Models for Aggregators

Now that we've examined the role publishers that aggregate play in marketing vacation rentals, along with each of the various pricing models, it's time for a look at how it all comes together. Just how appropriate is each of the pricing models out there, and how can an aggregator work in harmony with a property manager?

The Road to an Ideal Vacation Rental Switch: Part Two

A Look at Vacation Rental Aggregators

The vacation rental industry is not simply one large conglomerate with common interests, products or goals. It's comprised of thousands of individual property owners, managers, software vendors, and publishers, each who wants to grow his or her own business. And just as the standardized models of online advertising differ, so too does the industry-specific model of vacation rental aggregators.

The Road to an Ideal Vacation Rental Switch: Part One

A Brief History of Online Advertising

As more vacation rentals are listed online, our industry is beginning to catch up with an already-mature online advertising industry. We are, in effect, well behind our peers in other industries. However, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. We have the advantage of historical perspective. And in order to make the most of our efforts, it is important that we first understand where online advertising comes from.  

New Manager Dashboard

One of the major feature requests we have been getting has been for “more reporting” particularly for the management folks. As a result, we have implemented a “real-time dashboard” for managers to be able to keep abreast of the operations of their office.

Limited Beta!

vrevo is happy to announce that the product is stable and offering sufficient user value to try out with some clients. We are really looking for feedback on how the reports are presented and the integration with the property management systems. If you would like to participate (including 3 free months of service and a hand in the roadmap), please let us know.